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The KROTT ELECTRONIC GMBH was established as trader / distributer for electrical connecting-elements and electrical & electronical Automation- components.

In the course of this successful work there came over and over new assignments for which there weren`t, or no satisfying, long lasting, technical solutions. We increased our work in those assignments, and developed completly new products which you can find in electrical and fibre optic applications. In this advancement we undertoke also the complete manufacturing and the mechanical assembly to offer our clients today complete- solutions.

Our CAD development / construction operates always with the last Software, so we are able to work with the newest realizings and test- possibilities in this phase already. The single item production takes place on the latest CNC- machines. Our cables have to undergo an incorrupt electronical 100% check during the production and as end- product, too. These so originated components / products get certified by famous test labs. So we reach certifications, for example like ATEX, IECEx, DGUV test or from high voltage check laboratories.

The KROTT ELECTRONIC GMBH internal working processes, from the order transaction, the goods receiving, the storage, the production, the end product inspection and the dispatch are certified to the DIN EN ISO 9001 Standard and the directive 94/9/EG- ATEX.
We comply as well the AEO- Standard F.
We live in the absolute quality awareness, technical-, trading- and logistically and try to fulfill the 0- mistake strategy every day.

We will go ahead like this, and will be avalible as a dealer for the Automation and Partner for specific solutions.

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